The Secret to Successfully Blogging your images for Pinterest

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Ever wonder what all the Pinterest hype is all about? Well, if you have been living under a rock, and missed the memo about this lovely new social media site that sprung up just a short while ago, let me tell you, it’s proven to be an amazing resource and a HUGE drive in traffic to my blog and website. I bet you want to get on that too, right?

The other day I stumbled across what I’m certain is the biggest secret to successfully blogging your work to help you garner new leads and click-throughs from the Pinterest website. The key is in your alt tags. What’s this!, you ask? Alt tags are those fancy schmancy things you use when describing your images in the HTML creator of a blog post.

Let me break it down really easy!

I’m working on WordPress, so this is how it would work for me and the basic concept for other blog sites I’m sure –

* Start creating your New Blog Post
* Add your image(s) via Upload/Insert
* In the Alternate Text box write a description of your image. Think about including your name, where you are located, what the picture is about, and a quick description of the photo. For the image I’ve included in this post, my description would be, “Seattle High School Senior Portrait Photographer Michelle Moore photographs Class of 2014 Senior Rep Sarah in South Lake Union”
* Delete text from the Title box – otherwise your title will show up, instead of your Alternate text.
* Insert into your post and repeat

Now if you already code your posts in HTML, when writing your image code, add an alt tag like the example below (except with no spaces between):
* You can also edit your alt tag by clicking from Visual to HTML on your WordPress Add New Post screen.
* Don’t include a Title tag, or this will show up instead.
< a href = " http://your image here . jpg " width = " 900 " alt = " description " >

Now try “Pinning” this image and see what shows up!
You’ll see that when you click the image from this blog post, a creative title shows up (EDIT: I’ve changed the alt tag to describe this blog post since that seems more relevant!). Most people are kind enough to leave these descriptions alone. Now what happens, is if someone is searching on the Pinterest website and types in “Senior Portraits Seattle Waterfront” – the image that has an alt tag like the example I gave earlier will show up. This means if your clients are looking for inspiration on specific things they like, the chances they will run across your work is much higher!

And finally here are some TIPS to utilize –

* Make your description a succinct and creative sentence. DO NOT just stuff a bunch of adjectives and redundant works into your alt tag. This will upset Google!
* I delete the Title Tag because Google prefers Alt Tags over Title Tags when crawling websites.
* DON’T pin your own work – if you do, please do so in moderation, or create a purpose for doing so, such as an “Inspirational Wardrobe Tips” board.
* Use Pinterest for your other interests, and interact with your followers.
* Make it easy for your blog readers to pin your work – and let them know it is okay! Include a “Pin it” button, or link your Pinterest profile with your other social media buttons. This helps promote others pinning your work.
* Create content on your blog that is interesting – and the chances are it will be pinned by others.

Find out what I love, by following me at Pinterest – see you there! XOXO

Seattle Senior Portrait Photographer Michelle Moore Shares the Secret to making your Blog Images more search friendly on Pinterest