Simple Etiquette tips for Instagram

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With the rapid increase of users using Instagram for marketing, micro blogging and simply photo-sharing – it’s important to learn and remember a few simple etiquette tips when interacting with followers and the people you follow. From my experience as an avid instagrammer, I’ve compiled a few useful “rules” to remember the next time you hop on your account.

1) Give credit where credit is due – Instagram is all about community, and therefore it is all about sharing and spreading the word about fellow users. First, if you are not the original creator of the image you must ask for permission to re-post that original creator’s photo. Secondly, mention the photographer (and anyone else involved in the creation of the photo) in the caption. Third, tag the users on the actual photo as well. I would always recommend you do both, but since most people don’t know to tap once to see the tags on a photo, it’s definitely best to go with tagging the user in the caption.

Tip! You can create a tag in the caption by starting with the @ symbol and typing the username. You can also tag users on the photo when posting. Better yet, use a repost app to do all the work for you!

Tip! You can go back and edit your caption – so if you forgot to add the credit to the caption, go back and edit the original caption. Adding a new comment will eventually “disappear” and it will be hard for people to find the details about the photo.

Rules of Instgram - Etiquette tips by Michelle Moore

2) Follow Users – and mean it I don’t recommend going around following hundreds of people – just to un-follow them once they have “followed you back”. This is a spammy way of getting more users, and people won’t like it if you fake follow them. Same goes for trying to get someone’s attention by following, and un-following the same account multiple times. I like to choose accounts to follow that actually inspire me!

3) Leave Thoughtful Comments – Jenn and I agree on this – you’ll want to leave thoughtful comments that show someone you really care (and actually read their caption). “Cool!” “nice pic!” and “follow me back?” definitely do not count! Don’t get me wrong, I like to try and comment on all the photos I follow, and sometimes my comments are short, but going around begging people to follow you back, collaborate with you or look at your account won’t win you any new followers.

Rules of Instgram - Etiquette tips by Michelle Moore

4) Be Professional – I definitely recommend that if you are interested in working with someone, (be it model, photographer or company); act like a pro in your communication. Try and send an email through their website or email address. This will show them you are professional, courteous and serious about working together. I treat DMs like Facebook messages, hard to keep track of and un-professional. I personally have always found it much easier to sit at a computer and write out an email rather than trying to type my thoughts out on tiny phone buttons. Plus I can keep track of our messages and know who I’ve responded to, and what needs to be addressed much easier from an email program than an app.

Tip! Leave DMs for quick communication with friends or for acquiring contact info from people.

Tip! If you are a business professional using instagram as part of your marketing strategy make sure you have your contact information readily available in your bio/description so people can reach out to you!

5) Don’t clog the feed – Try and stick to 3-5 posts per day and space them out at least 3 hours apart. Nothing warrants an un-follow faster than posting 10 photos within minutes of each other. Only occasionally do I find it acceptable to post multiple photos in a short time-span and some examples would be if you are live-gramming an event such as a fashion show, or photoshoot.

Rules of Instgram - Etiquette tips by Michelle Moore

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