Natural Light Headshots with Savage Seamless Paper

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I’m always extremely flattered (and honored!) when a fellow photography peer entrusts me to the task of capturing new headshots for their bio and branding. Rachel of Rachel Davis Photography is no exception. Located in the beautiful city of Snohomish (where I – in fact grew up!) she is taking over the local Senior Portrait industry by storm! Rachel might not know this, but I have been following her work since she first started and it has been incredible to watch her build her Senior Portrait business from the ground up. #proudphotographermoment !!

I thought I would take this extremely fun photoshoot and tie it into an awesome review of Savage Seamless Paper – because honestly, is there any other paper brand out their for photography? Possibly – but no one touches the quality – and color selection of Savage! I have been using them for my entire career – and have tried so many colors (and yet, so many new fun colors to try now that I have a space to store them!)

Prior to our photoshoot Rachel and I chatted a bit about her style, and the type of images she wanted to capture. We ended up deciding to do the photos at Larimar Studios in the early morning to maximize the natural light we have streaming in. In addition to using natural light (as does Rachel in her work), she requested we use bright vivid colors to capture her spunky personality and bold style. Luckily I have a (growing) collection of 53″ seamless papers from Savage Universal and we decided to go with the following colors: Coral, Tangelo, Deep Yellow and Turquoise.

Savage Universal Deep Yellow Natural Light Portrait Review

First we started with Deep Yellow Seamless by Savage Universal. I picked this color for my collection because I loved how it had a subtle warmth too it, and looks so fun and happy (without being too bright) for natural light photos. Having a studio with such abundant daylight is awesome as I’ve been able to play around with so many different colored papers for a multitude of uses.

Tangelo Savage Universal Natural Light Portrait Review

Second we pulled out my favorite color, Tangelo to play off of Rachel’s outfit and sunflower earrings. It’s funny because the first time I bought this paper I returned it because I thought I was crazy for buying such a bold color – but after re-buying it a second time (sorry Glazer’s) it has actually become my favorite / most used color so far this year! It’s surprisingly universal and with the right post-processing can have such a range in looks from fun and saturated, too more moody and editorial.

Savage Universal Turquoise Background Paper Portrait with Natural Light

Next we pulled out the Turquoise Seamless by Savage and switched direction of the natural light (for a more flat and even light). Too funny, but Rachel had actual forgot her camera at home, so I let her borrow my trusty 1Dx to pose for this shot. I love the movement in her hair, and the pop of pink in her earrings! This was my first time using this paper, even though I had picked it up a few years ago for an abandoned project – but LOVE the tones in the final edit of this image!

Savage Universal Coral Pink Paper Background Natural Light Portrait Review

Last we pulled out the Coral Seamless by Savage for a soft pink muted effect. Next to Tangelo, this is my other most used color in the studio! Coral is a nice subtle pink – that you can brighten up and make more contrast-y with studio lighting, or keep soft and muted by sticking with natural light.

All around, I love using Savage papers because they are so quick and easy to set-up and swap out. I utilize 2 Avenger stands and a Crossbar to hang the papers, along with 2 clips and gaffer’s tape when I’m done. The paper is lightweight and easy enough for me to set up and swap out without an assistant. I love these shorter papers (in width they are just about 4.5 feet wide) for headshots and product photography.

Unfortunately they aren’t quite wide enough for full-length fashion work, but at $34 ea. they are fun to have a range of colors on hand to play with for portraiture and beauty!

Behind the scenes with Michelle Moore and Rachel Davis Photography

Equipment used,
Canon 1Dx
Canon 50mm 1.2L
Photoflex Crossbar
— Savage Universal Background Papers in Coral, Deep Yellow, Turquoise and Tangelo
Gaffer’s Tape
— Avenger Light Stands (x2)

This is not a sponsored post – Michelle is a loyal Savage Universal user and loves their products. Images and text are original and solely the opinion of Michelle Moore.
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Natural light portraits using seamless paper