5 Tips to getting more followers on Instagram

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Since coming back from the Napcp Retreat and teaching about curating your online presence, I’ve been thinking more and more about social media and how to use it as a tool to better your business. I took some of my key talking points from my presentation, and combined them with a few other important tips I have learned about using Instagram.

Below I’ve compiled 5 of the most important tips to take your Instagram account to the next level. Have more questions? Feel free to tweet me your thoughts so I can get back to you!

You can find me at @moorephoto – I post a mix of landscapes from around the northwest, my fashion & portrait work, and iPhone snaps of my adventures.

#1 Curate your contentYour work should be a reflection of your brand & photography. If you are a fashion photographer, show a mix of behind-the-scenes, location scouting and the final images. If you are a landscape photographer show off your travels, and mix it up with the people and faces you meet and photograph along the way.

#2 Choose your hashtags wiselyPick 5-10 of the most relevant tags to your post and post them in the first comment under your description. Think about which people will be interested in your work and post the hashtags similar minded people will be using to find you.

#3 Set your account to publicThis is super important – if you are running a business and your instagram handle is your business name – you must be set to public. If you want something to be private, set-up a second account that is personal and not related to your business. If you are posting hash-tags and your account is private, no one is going to see those photos.

#4 Stagger and share your posts across other social mediaI use twitter to re-post my images about 5 hours apart. This will help spread your reach beyond your current network and to other platforms.

#5 Comment, like and follow other liked-minded peopleYour interaction with others is critical. The most important thing to remember is that Instagram is a community and you will get out of it what you put in to it. People like to know who you are and follow people who treat them like a real person and not just a number. Comment back to people who comment on your photos – Instagram is meant to be a conversation.

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