The key to happy clients (and a happier you!)

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I wanted to share some of my most valuable tips for photographers wanting happier clients. This is valuable information that any photographer should consider. After years of learning how to create my own happy clients – here are some important things you should be employing in your business today.

It all boils down to two main themes,

• Lay out expectations
• Over-communicate

The tips I will present to you each utilize one or both of the above themes, and are critical points to creating happier clients and saving you countless headaches and mountains of stress!

* Create boundaries for business hours and manage expectations for response time. You want to have clear cut business hours and methods of communication from the get-go. Lay out hours on your website and clearly outline the best way to reach you. If you want to avoid a client texting you at 2am – note that you have business hours from 9-5pm for phone calls and emails only, somewhere on your website, voicemail, email signature, etc.

* Reply to new client inquiries ASAP and emails in a timely fashion. Here’s the thing – new client inquiries want to hire you! Don’t delay in getting back to them – it helps usher their excitement! I recommend 24 (business) hours or less. If it’s going to take you longer, create an auto-reply message that states how long to expect a response. Same goes for emails. Respond to emails within 2-3 (business) days if you can. Again, if it’s going to take you longer than that – notify your clients ahead of time with an auto-reply. Auto-reply leaves the guesswork out of when someone will hear back from you – especially if you are out of town, or experiencing delays in email response.

You don’t want to leave your client hanging – or give them a reason to nag you. By outlining expectations ahead of time you are already telling them how long they need to wait before reaching out to you again. If you are wondering why people are emailing you over and over again – you can curtail these symptoms easily with these methods.

* Over-communicate! Send out messages to your clients before they need to ask. If you’ve completed a photo-shoot, send a thank you message within 24 hours outlining the next steps. Your clients may forget what comes next and by letting them know right away, you are outlining their expectations and reminding them before they need to ask. You’ll stop getting those “where are my photos” every five minutes after the shoot by simply telling them ahead of time.

I like to tell my clients what to expect and what’s next before they ask me. It shows them you care and are giving them peace of mind. It’s a win-win on both ends! Happy clients = happy photographers!

The Key to Happy Clients & Happier You by Michelle Moore