Remember…Everyone Starts Somewhere

Posted by on Jan 30, 2012 in Musings | No Comments

I preach this (or a version of it) on a regular basis to my readers on my facebook page, so I thought it would be time to share over here my website! I am constantly reminding others (and mostly myself) of this mantra…

Remember… everyone starts somewhere. You never know where someone is on the path of their journey, but it is certainly different than YOUR path. Enjoy your own pace and successes & failures – for we ALL have them in our own time.

Don’t be discouraged – and don’t be afraid to believe in yourself! I have to take a break “from it all” every so often to gain perspective on my OWN journey as an artist. Thank you for reading and please please pass it along. Thank you and have a FABULOUS week!! XOXO

Remember, everyone starts somewhere (mantra)