“It’s all about who you know”

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You know that old saying “it’s all about who you know” – in regards to getting opportunities in ANY field you are in, whether it’s the Corporate or Creative job market? Well – I think it’s less about “who” you know, and more about WHEN, and WHERE you are when you know that person. I am totally amazed about the coincidences and chances life has presented me, purely because I’m always chatting with people, strangers, clients, friends – online and in person – EVERYWHERE! It’s important to put yourself out there on a daily basis, verbally express your thoughts, needs, wants and desires – because you never know who may be listening (both metaphorically and physically!). You’d be surprised what those around you have to offer – you may not even realize the connections in your own backyard!

To put it in perspective – I would not be where I am today without a series of chance meetings, occasions on which I spoke openly about my hopes and dreams, thoughts, and collaborated with people I was present with. I met Jenny Bowker 6 years ago simply because I chatted with a customer at a retail store I worked at (her sister!).

In short, here are my little steps and thoughts about connecting yourself more with your peers and networks….

*Be friendly, chatty and personable with strangers. Be genuine. Something may come up in conversation and you mention a project you or a friend are working on. They may or may not have something to offer, and/or they mention something you can help out with too!
*Put yourself out there and do not be afraid if something doesn’t transpire immediately. We are so used to living in an “instantaneous” world – but that is not the norm. Ideas, projects and dreams take time to grow. Allow yourself time to nurture them.
*Ask questions, offer help and share your own resources – they say you get what you give!
*Be prepared to leap again and again – and fall many times before succeeding. Do NOT give up!
*Send positive energy out into the world – and discuss, write down, and/or share your ideas. You never know who may be listening!