Fuji X-T2 best digital camera for travel – Review

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A few weeks ago I set off on a week-long vacation to Tulum Mexico. As a full-time photographer, I have always struggled with what camera to bring while on vacation. On my last international trip (to New Zealand) I brought my “big boy camera” with me, but ended up working exclusively with my iPhone 6+. The iPhone was convenient, easy to carry around, and takes stunning photos. I regretted bringing 15 pounds of camera on that trip, just to have it sit in my suitcase the entire time.

For my up-coming trip to Mexico, I could have chosen to use my iPhone again – but I wanted to try a little harder to find a camera that would work well for my travel needs. Since I was in Tulum for vacation (and a bit of work) I knew I needed to bring something more substantial than just my phone. Not wanting to bring my expensive (and heavy) Canon 1Dx to Mexico – I opted for something in-between, the Fuji X-T2.

Glazers Camera Fuji XT2 review by Michelle Moore Tulum Mexico

Leaps and bounds ahead of your typical point-and-shoot camera, the Fuji X-T2 allows you the luxury of choosing which lens(es) to use. For this trip I needed a versatile zoom lens. Enter the Fujinon XF18-55mm F2.8-4 – simply perfect!

Choosing a lens to take on vacation is really important. You want to consider what you are photographing – and how much gear you want to lug around. Since the majority of my trip would be visiting ruins and exploring the landscape I knew I wanted a wide-angle lens, but I also considered that I would be doing a lot of road-trips and walking around, so I needed something light-weight that I could carry with me at all times. This led me to choose a zoom-lens, but I opted for the more compact one, the F2.8, so it would be smaller, versatile and easy to carry.

Pro Tip – Don’t forget the Fuji X-T2 is not full frame (meaning it’s a crop sensor) so the lens acts like a 27 – 84mm.

Ruins at Ek Balam Fuiji XT2 review by Michelle Moore for Glazers Camera

I have to admit this was only my second time using a Fuji camera (the first was on my Olympic Peninsula Road Trip) – and with my very limited knowledge of Fuji cameras, I found the X-T2 to be very intuitive and easy to use (even without reading the manual ahead of time). It offered me all the features I wanted in a camera; full manual mode, camera RAW mode and use of multiple focus points. These three things are the most important part of any camera I use, because it allows me to choose my aperture, obtain high-quality digital files and choose what is in focus while obtaining an accurate meter reading. I did however end up using Aperture priority mode exclusively since I was on vacation, and once I was able to figure out how to adjust my focus points I was in business!

The biggest benefit to this camera over your typical point-and-shoot, is being able to work in camera RAW. I find this particularly useful, because I always want the ability to make any color or exposure adjustments as needed once I return home. I never want to limit myself on quality of images, especially when working for clients, or Stocksy. I was however, pleasantly surprised to find that my images looked stunning straight out-of-camera, and I had to do little work to the images in post-production. The only change I did (and was able to do very easily with RAW) was over-saturate the blues in post, as the blues of the Caribbean Ocean are simply breathtaking in real life.

Sunrise at Azulik Tulum Mexico Fuji XT2 review by Michelle Moore for Glazers Camera

All around I would highly recommend this camera, and in-fact I would definitely purchase one to use for future travel. I can guarantee you I didn’t even use this camera to it’s full potential, as it has so many great features of a larger bodied D-SLR. I like to be able to use a camera right out of the box without reading the manual, and I was very easily able to do this. With a bit more time and effort, I can safely say I would be able to use this camera for anything I need while on a vacation or traveling.


Fuji X-T2

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• Easy & Intuitive to use
• Compact & Lightweight
• All of the standard D-SLR capabilities
• Shoots RAW
• Long battery life
• Knows if you are looking through the viewfinder and will switch between live-view or view-finder depending on where you are looking


• Not waterproof
• When looking through the view-finder the picture quality looked more like a TV-screen, leading you to see more “vibrant” colors than reality.

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Fuji xt2 camera review by Michelle Moore for Glazers photo of Tulum Ruins

Michelle partnered with Glazer’s Camera and received a free rental of the X-T2 as part of their collaboration program in exchange for an honest testimonial. Images and text are original and solely the opinion of Michelle Moore. Check out more of our original reviews!

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