Framed Network – Season 2 Episode and Photoshoot Exclusive

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I am very honored to have been featured on Season 2 of [Framed]!! In 2011 [Framed] came to Seattle and spent an afternoon with me, and then followed me around a Fashion Shoot down at Discovery Park. It was really fun to get some camera time and demonstrate how I put together a photoshoot when working with designers and commercial clients.

Thank you for watching, and to all the fans who wrote in and requested that [Framed] feature me in a Season 2 episode! XO

Photography, Michelle Moore
Make-up & Hair, Jenny Bowker
Styling, Stacy Zimmerman
Clothing provided by, Horseshoe Boutique
Jewelry provided by, Kimberly Baker and Wired by Noel
Model, Madeline of SMG

“Special thanks to John, Jenny, Stacy, Jill, Kimberly, Noel, Madeline & her awesome mom!, Jennifer, Mcklyn, Chris at the Seattle Film Office, and everyone else who helped put together our awesome shoot for [FRAMED]!”