Epiphanie “CHARLOTTE” Camera Bag Review by Michelle Moore

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Epiphanie was very kind to send us a Charlotte bag for review this month! I have been searching for the perfect sized camera bag for taking on Senior Portrait sessions – and this bag is super fab! I will be reviewing a few more bags this month, so if you are researching for your dream camera bag, please be sure to check back and read our “Reviews” section!

If you are a single-lens photographer – or are looking for a small “grab-n-go” camera bag set-up, this bag is for YOU! Please continue reading through this post to see what I put in my Charlotte and to read my detailed review!

I have used the Epiphanie Lola and Clover bags in years past, and have been a fan of the company for quite some time. I think Epiphanie uses beautiful and soft synthetic leather and are very cushy and padded on the inside making them feel luxurious for an affordable price. There are so many great camera bag companies out there for the modern woman (teen, mom or even the dudes too!) and Epiphanie is one of my very favorites!

Epiphanie Charlotte Camera Bag Review by Michelle Moore

The first thing I noticed was how beautiful and rich the color of the Burnt Orange bag is. On the website the product photos seem to depict it as more brown, but it is a beautiful warm and glowy orange as depicted here. It reminds me of fall and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling when you see it and touch the soft synthetic leather in person!

Epiphanie Charlotte Camera Bag Review by Michelle Moore

What’s Inside my “Charlotte”

Canon 1DX
Canon 85mm 1.2L
SanDisk 8GB CF Cards
Hakuba CF Card Storage Wallet

Epiphanie Charlotte Camera Bag Review by Michelle Moore

For a smaller camera bag there is definitely ample zipper storage throughout. The bag measures 14 inches across, 10 inches in height and 6 inches wide. There is a zipper compartment on the inside of the main compartment where you can store credit cards, CF cards and other small items. I keep random emergency things such as band-aids, safety pins and a Tide “to-go” stain remover stick.

The inside of the main compartment comes with 4 dividers that you can move and re-arrange easily by Velcroing them in to place. There are two “tall” sections and two “short” sections. I used the two shorter ones to create three spaces – since the taller ones seem to block the inside zipper a bit. I have one large space for my Canon 1DX, a second smaller space for my Canon 85mm 1.2L, and the third for my extra camera battery and Hakuba CF Card Storage Wallet. It fits these three things perfectly and very snugly. If you had a smaller camera body or lens you would most likely have some extra room. You could quite possibly fit a larger lens + camera body if you made two sections and stored your extra battery and CF cards in one of the zippered sections. This bag definitely makes you think “light” and is really what I need for my senior portraits since I have been shooting with a single lens for the past two years.

There’s another large zippered section on the back of the bag that sits closest to your body. I’ve found that when I’m out on a senior portrait session it’s perfect for keeping my CF card cases, iPhone and keys handy – plus I can drop in my client’s keys, lip gloss and extra hair ties. It’s a very roomy compartment! I like that I can get to it without having to open up the entire bag.

Finally, there’s a little zippered section on the front of the bag under the big flap that is perfect for business cards from ProDPI. It’s very small, but just the right size for business cards, debit cards, etc.

Epiphanie Charlotte Camera Bag Review by Michelle Moore

The main compartment has a zipper along the top – but with all your gear inside you can close the top flap of the bag and it rests over the top quite nicely – keeping everything secure and in place. This makes getting in and out of your bag easier when walking around a location. I arrive on location with my bag, open the flap, put my camera together then start my shoot. Once I have completed photographing at a particular spot – or my client is ready to change, I can just stick my camera in the main compartment with lens attached and close the big flap over to keep it from falling out. This has worked out so far, since my camera body is too wide to fit in the bag face down and be able to zip it shut – so I kind of have to shove it in without zipping up the main part. The bag has a lot of give, but still has enough structure to stand and also hug your body without tipping over when walking. It’s working out so far – but if the bag was just an inch or two wider it would be perfect for a larger camera body when temporarily storing it with a lens attached and face down.

I haven’t used it yet – but there is a giant zippered section in the flap itself which would be totally awesome for storing a larger wallet and other extra items for your shoot. I love all the “extra” sections with many options that can appeal to a variety of people. Each photographer is going to have a different need, and with all those zippered sections, one is bound to work best for you on the go!

Epiphanie Charlotte Camera Bag Review by Michelle Moore


• Very soft & supple synthetic leather
• Lightweight and comfortable to carry on your shoulder or cross-body
• Adjustable Velcro dividers to customize your bag
• Large Zipper compartment on back of bag for easy access to CF cards
• Sits up-right nicely on it’s own / Does not tip over


• Hard to fit a larger camera body inside with lens attached
• Taller dividers block the inside zipper – but don’t use them and it’s not an issue!

I really do think this is the perfect bag if you are a single lens photographer on a portrait session. It would be tough to carry any more than one “L” series lens in this bag. It fits my Canon 1DX, the Canon 85mm 1.2L batteries and CF cards quite snugly. The only downside is I wished the bag was just a *touch* wider so when I have the lens ON my camera and I’m walking to a new location I can just shove the camera in lens first and go. It’s a little hard to stick it in the bag this way – but it does work. The 1DX would be the equivalent to having a grip on a 5D etc. which makes the camera more of a square shape and bigger. If you have a smaller camera body I 100% think this bag is perfect! Regardless, even with the bigger camera body, it does fit in the bag – and doesn’t have the risk of tipping or falling out (which has happened with another brand of camera bag) so it does work out okay. My biggest needs are having something smaller and lightweight so I’m carrying less around with me. My neck and shoulders get very sore from shooting, so packing light is a necessity!

Overall I have really enjoyed working with this bag and is definitely a favorite!

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