5 new ways to use Instagram in 2017

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At the end of 2016 I was burnt-out and ready for a break from social media – Instagram to be specific. Instead of deleting my account for good, I forced myself to take a two week “vacation” from the app, by completely removing it from my phone, and making a promise to not check until ...

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10 tips for better camera phone photos

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I have found that as a professional photographer – I generally try and keep the “big guns” at home when I’m out adventuring for fun, or hanging with my friends – so my iPhone has quickly become my favorite camera for all of life’s moments and for sharing on Instagram. I’ve put together my favorite ...

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Simple Etiquette tips for Instagram

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With the rapid increase of users using Instagram for marketing, micro blogging and simply photo-sharing – it’s important to learn and remember a few simple etiquette tips when interacting with followers and the people you follow. From my experience as an avid instagrammer, I’ve compiled a few useful “rules” to remember the next time you ...

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How to achieve perfect skin tones

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Over the years I have been asked hundreds of times how I edit my photos – and achieve such smooth and buttery skin tones. The main ingredients are good “even” lighting (meaning the light source is evenly distributed across their face) and working with a professional makeup artist – but beyond those requirements I’m here ...

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Location scouting for natural light portraiture

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Location Scouting is a necessary part of being a photographer – especially if you want to find unique and interesting spots for doing your sessions. Here are my thoughts on location scouting, plus a few in-depth answers to your additional questions. PLEASE feel free to email me with any additional questions I can add to ...

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