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Your online presence, (AKA your brand) is the first thing potential clients will see when seeking out a photographer. This eBook is geared towards helping you create and curate the most compelling online presence – to get the clients you want!

Unsure how to get started with your photography? Michelle brings over 15 years of experience of running a successful business to this well outlined eBook. She will guide you through the steps needed to build and create your very own and unique brand.

*This is an update/re-release of the PDF content from our “Create your Dream Clients” breakout with Clickin Moms from June 2013. If you purchased the old materials and would like to receive the updated PDF – please email me a copy of your receipt!

What is the “Building Your Brand” eBook all about?

• 45+ page PDF full of content
• Download the PDF to your computer, phone or tablet to read at your own pace.
• Content is yours to keep FOREVER
This is Michelle’s Breakout with Clickin Moms from June 2013. It has been updated and re-formatted for easy readability!
• FREE access to Michelle’s private photographer list on Instagram – where you can watch private stories answering questions and sharing information about the photography industry.

Read along as Michelle teaches you how to produce your own successful photoshoot, build your portfolio and reach your dream clients through a well-curated online presence. Learn to gain confidence, feel more creative and take the steps needed to build the portfolio of your dreams. Meant for any skill level, and any genre of photography, this eBook will give you step-by-step advice to help curate your brand. If you are struggling with how to get started, break into a particular market, or just feel lost on your current path – this is for you!

You can be at any level of Photography to participate, but it is meant for those who need help with any of the following topics:

• How to appeal to your target market and what to put in your portfolio and what to keep out
• Ideas for how to “get your first client” or “create your first client”
• What is “Portfolio Building” and why it’s important!
• How to think about your online portfolio
• Ways to use social media
• How to think about your online presence
• Creating consistency
and much more!