jpeg2RAW Podcast

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Come watch and listen my Podcast interview with jpeg2RAW. This really fun 90 minute interview goes over everything from how I got started, to why I work with hair & makeup artists, how I tolerate the rain in Seattle, and so much more!! Enjoy the interview by clicking “play” on the video below!

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Young Female Entrepreneurs – Interview

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Big thanks to Young Female Entrepreneurs for featuring me on their website in a fabulous interview! I talk about being a young female in the Photography industry, advantages and disadvantages to being a woman entrepreneur and offer up some advice to fellow peers just starting out. YFE also featured me on their live podcast in ...

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Location scouting for natural light portraiture

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Location Scouting is a necessary part of being a photographer – especially if you want to find unique and interesting spots for doing your sessions. Here are my thoughts on location scouting, plus a few in-depth answers to your additional questions. PLEASE feel free to email me with any additional questions I can add to ...

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