Promotional Portraits – Sarah Jio

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About two years ago I met and photographed Seattle author (& New York Times Bestseller!) Sarah Jio for her then, up-coming release Morning Glory. Since then, Sarah has penned two more books (with another one on the way!). I’ve now read all of Sarah’s books – and loved each and every one of them! Sarah ...

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Simple Etiquette tips for Instagram

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With the rapid increase of users using Instagram for marketing, micro blogging and simply photo-sharing – it’s important to learn and remember a few simple etiquette tips when interacting with followers and the people you follow. From my experience as an avid instagrammer, I’ve compiled a few useful “rules” to remember the next time you ...

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Light Inspired – Interview

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After being totally surprised (and honored!) to find out I was chosen Light Inspired’s 2014 Best Senior Portrait Photographer, I was asked to give an interview for their website – and of course I was more than happy to! Click to read about how I got started into photography, what’s on my photography “wish list” ...

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Breed – Interview

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A very thankful shout-out to Melissa Rodwell for inviting me to be a part of Breed for their podcast interviews. I have known Melissa for a long time, and even attended her workshop in 2008 where we became friends. I adore Melissa and really look up to her – she has been in the fashion ...

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