Molly Debiak – Product Photography

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I just wrapped up a big project with Seattle jewelry designer Molly Debiak and am so excited to share the finished results! I am so excited to be working with such talented artists, and Molly is such a gem. In addition to capturing all her pieces on a simple white background for use on her ...

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Chinook & Company – Food Photography

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I am really excited to share a project that I worked on with the amazing food stylist and recipe guru, Lauren Koval! If you remember, we worked together last year on the Jennifer Adler book cover for Sasquatch Books. Lauren is an AMAZING cook – and created these five fall inspired recipes for the launch ...

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Promotional Portraits – Sarah Jio

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About two years ago I met and photographed Seattle author (& New York Times Bestseller!) Sarah Jio for her then, up-coming release Morning Glory. Since then, Sarah has penned two more books (with another one on the way!). I’ve now read all of Sarah’s books – and loved each and every one of them! Sarah ...

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Simple Etiquette tips for Instagram

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With the rapid increase of users using Instagram for marketing, micro blogging and simply photo-sharing – it’s important to learn and remember a few simple etiquette tips when interacting with followers and the people you follow. From my experience as an avid instagrammer, I’ve compiled a few useful “rules” to remember the next time you ...

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Breed – Interview

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A very thankful shout-out to Melissa Rodwell for inviting me to be a part of Breed for their podcast interviews. I have known Melissa for a long time, and even attended her workshop in 2008 where we became friends. I adore Melissa and really look up to her – she has been in the fashion ...

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