Aide-Memoire Jewelry – Monthly Content Photography

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Happy New Year! This week we are highlighting one of our favorite jewelry clients, Aide-Memoire Jewelry. Owner Aran Galligan handcrafts gorgeous eco-friendly fine jewelry for both everyday wear and weddings. We love working with local artisans, especially when they create products using recycled and sustainable materials whenever possible. We firmly stand-behind and believe in all-inclusive brands and companies doing their part to help the environment in any way possible.

Starting back in 2018, we began working with Aran on monthly content that she uses on her Instagram page. Aran uses these images to supplement her product and lookbook photography to showcase her pieces styled in different ways. These types of photoshoots we call our Monthly Content packages – ensuring our clients have fresh imagery each month to highlight product, both new and old.

What is a Monthly Content photoshoot?

Monthly Content photoshoots are unique from a lookbook photoshoot in that they are a way to share new content that supplements your lookbook photography (which should serve mainly as your Hero Brand Images) and instead become a more informal (yet high quality) way to continue telling the story of your brand. Your customers want to understand the lifestyle of your brand, and enjoy seeing fresh content on your social feed. Aran does such a beautiful job of using her Monthly Content images to showcase her work on her social feeds! We love watching how she shares our images.

Ready to take your Social Media presence to the next level?

We are currently booking new clients – and are ready to start anytime. Read more about our Monthly Content photoshoot rates and information – and then send us an email to get your first photoshoot on our calendar. We offer our monthly photoshoots in 3-month series. For all inquires and questions, please drop us an email at

We loved developing a style and look for Aran’s content utilizing brand-guidelines and mood-boards. With each photoshoot we aim to capture bright and airy, light-filled images that focus on beautiful and unique models. Aran’s brand is all about inclusivity – and together we agree on casting models with unique features and diverse looks to showcase a wide target demographic. Together we work with all our clients to ensure that we are accurately telling their story through location, models and composition.

Client, Aide-Memoire Jewelry
Photography, Michelle Moore
Models, Chelsea Miller & Jenny Nguyen
Locations, Discovery Park and Larimar Studios